Benz patent motor

people generally took the first

Karl Benz (Benz Karl), the first successful test of a two - stroke engine. In October 1883, he founded the "Benz and Rhine gas engine factory", 1885, he in Mannheim made the first Mercedes Benz patent motor, the car for three cars, using a two stroke single cylinder 0.9 horsepower gasoline engine. The car has some of the basic features of modern cars, such as spark ignition, water circulation, steel frame, steel plate spring suspension, rear wheel front wheel drive steering and brake the. 1886 January 29th, German engineer Karl Benz applied for the patent of its motor vehicle. In November of the same year, Karl Benz's three wheeled motor vehicle won the German patent (patent number: 37435a). This is recognized as the first modern car in the world. Because of the above reasons, people generally took the first year of the car as the first year of the car, and some scholars have made Karl Benz into the first three wheeled car of the year (1885), as the car was born.